Funny Cop Stories

The television is chalked full of Police Dramas: CSI, NYPD Blue, Southland, The Badge, COPS, etc.  It seems like every season a new show pops up showcasing the dangerous situations that a police offer faces on a daily basis.  Being in law enforcement is a dangerous job, there’s no two ways about it, however, for every situation that is filled with drama, there is at least one filled with comedy.

A police officer interacts with people who are vulnerable, whether it be getting pulled over, or having a security detail, if there is a cop around tensions are high which leads people to do crazy, wacky and downright hilarious things.  Anybody who is friends with an officer can tell you the funny police stories that they bust out at parties and Bar-B-Ques, entertaining people with the erratic things people say and what famous people do to try and get themselves out of trouble.  If you don’t know a cop, and you haven’t had the pleasure of being regaled with the idiocies that happen in the line of duty, you should seek them out – it’s well worth your time.

Most big cities are a hot bed of criminal activity.  If you look hard, or sometime not that hard depending on the city, you can find drug use, prostitution, public intoxication, violence, drunk driving, speeding, et al.  A police officer’s job is to seek out and terminate all illegal operations.  Of course mot offenders don’t want to be stopped and will go to any length to avoid getting caught or arrested.  The reaction that a person has when confronted with a person of authority, especially if that person has the power to get them in trouble, is usually quite juvenile.  Maybe it’s an evolutionary instinct that makes the idea of being admonished so disturbing; but whatever the reason – it results in a person doing just about anything to avoid it.  Being let in on these funny cop stories is of great interest to the average person, unlike the script in a movie or television show, these stories are completely unpredictable.  This premise is what has made the show COPS one of the longest running and most popular on television.  People love to know how other people react when they are caught in the act.

What if you could edit out all of the bad stuff and just focus on the funny cop stories?  That would be one hilarious show – the stripper who is undressing in her vehicle to avoid a speeding ticket, the drunk guy protesting that he only “had one” while falling over and peeing his pants, the stupid and sometimes ludicrous mistakes that rookie cops make.  There is an endless amount of material.  In an officers world there is only one rule of thumb: If you can imagine it, it’s probably happened; if  you can’t imagine it, it’s probably happened twice.